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Luxury Pool Designs and Finishes: Pebble Pools for a Luxury Look

A beautiful, luxurious pool is the result of careful choices about design and finish. Design refers to how the overall shape of a pool will fulfill the desired function while complementing the pool’s setting.

Pool finish refers to the materials used on the surface of the pool that impact both water color appearance and pool texture. Complementary design and finish will help make your pool a beautiful focal point in your home landscape and ensure that you will love your pool for years to come. This blog discusses pool luxury pool designs and finish ideas that can help you decide the direction you want to take your private backyard getaway.

Contemporary Pool Designs

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to pool design. Start the design process with what you want your pool to do. Will it be used for family fun or to swim laps? Will the pool simply be for luxuriating in the sunshine, or for entertaining friends? Considering a pool’s intended functions can act as a guide as you consider different shapes.

One functional pool design that has strong aesthetic appeal is a rectangular pool. This simple design is sleek and modern, especially when enhanced with additional features like lighting, glass tiles, or water and fire elements. The rectangular design creates a luxurious feel, adding enjoyment regardless of how the pool is used.

Another popular modern pool design is a “free form” pool. A free form pool is irregularly shaped and can fit easily around pre-existing buildings or landscaping. The flowing shape gives a space an organic feel that can be enhanced with natural stone or vegetation to create a harmonious, elegant feel.

One contemporary pool design that is synonymous with luxury is the infinity pool. Infinity pools have a “vanishing edge” that makes it appear as if water is flowing over the side, creating a magical effect that draws the eye toward the horizon.

These design elements can also be combined. For example, it’s possible to have an infinity edge in both modern geometric pool designs or in free form pools. And, form doesn’t limit function. A free form shape can provide space for swimming laps just as well as a rectangular design. Careful thought to both function and design will help ensure that your pool meets your needs while impressing guests and creating a wonderful backyard escape.

Luxury Pool Finishes

Today’s pool owners can choose from a range of luxury pool finishes that provide different textures and aesthetic appeal. However, pool finish options are not all created equally. Choosing a pool finish that is luxurious, beautiful and durable is the smartest investment. Pebble pools, which bind natural pebbles together to create a textured look and feel, can meet all three of these criteria.

Quality pebble finishes can make a significant aesthetic difference in a pool. For example, depending on color combination, the pebbles create a color gradient at different pool depths. And, the appearance of pebble pools holds up under frequent use and doesn’t show scuffs.

The PebbleTec Advantage

PebbleTec’s luxury pool finishes stand apart from competitors in appearance and in durability. The pebbles used in PebbleTec designs are screened seven times to eliminate impurities and ensure uniformity, giving each finish a smooth texture.

With proper maintenance and pool chemistry, PebbleTec’s finishes can last decades – far longer than other finishes like plaster or quartz. And, PebbleTec only works with approved applicators who have been specially trained to install PebbleTec products. Regardless of which PebbleTec finish you choose, you are claiming the advantages of beauty, durability and expert support.

Our company focuses on providing luxurious products and a luxurious experience. Careful thought is in every step, from design to installation. We want each customer to feel that the world’s greatest pool is in their own backyard.



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