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2024 Pebble Pool Trends: Popular Pool Colors and Finishes

If you’re planning to install or remodel a pool, current pool trends in colors and finishes can be a great source of inspiration.

Exploring popular styles makes you aware of new swimming pool design possibilities. Combine these ideas with your own aesthetic preferences, and you’re sure to discover colors and finishes that will make your pool both functional and beautiful.

Popular Colors for Pebble Pools

When private pools began gaining popularity after World War II, most were bare concrete. This meant that the pool’s appearance was limited to the water color against a white or gray background. Now, of course, it’s possible to fine-tune the color of a pool using a range of options such as pebble finishes and glass tiles. These choices mean you can create essentially any backyard experience imaginable.

For those who want a modern, sophisticated look sure to impress guests, one swimming pool color trend to take note of is black-bottom pools. The black bottom enhances the visibility of the water’s reflective surface while helping to retain heat, offering a more eco-friendly way to warm the water.

Most people, however, are creating their pool oasis with blue or teal shades that complement and enhance water’s natural blue tone.

  • For a bold look that really pops, opt for medium to dark blues, such as PebbleTec’s Deep Cove (dark) or Blue Surf (medium).
  • To create a pool landscape with more muted, soothing tones, choose from a color range of light blue, teal, or greenish blue. Our Bordeaux is an example of a beautiful and refreshing teal water color.
Modern private pool with lounge area.

When thinking about these trendy blues and greens, one thing to consider is how the water color will appear at different pool depths. Many pool owners are customizing pool depths based on how they intend to use their pool. Sun shelfs sit just under the water and are excellent for keeping cool while sunning. They also offer areas where parents can splash with babies and young children. Those who plan to swim for exercise in their pools may opt for a uniform, deeper depth.

PebbleTec blends carefully chosen complimentary colors that provide unique water color appearances at different depths. For example, our medium Caribbean Blue, a natural blend of gold and gray pebbles, changes the water’s appearance from a sand-colored sun shelf to a rich teal at lower depths.

Smooth Finishes for Pebble Pools

A pool’s finish not only delivers the water color, but also gives a pool its textural feel. This second element is an important consideration. Smooth, durable finishes never go out of style.

One might think a “pebble pool finish” is bumpy and rough. However, all of PebbleTec’s finishes are thoughtfully designed for a comfortable feel. Regardless of your choice of pebble pool finish, from our natural, textured Original to our velvety PebbleBreeze, you can be sure that everyone who uses your pool is going to have a luxurious experience.

Importantly, all of PebbleTec’s finishes have the best durability in the industry. With proper and consistent pool chemistry and maintenance, PebbleTec pools can last decades. Many of our customers report that our finishes retain their integrity and beauty even after 20 years.

PebbleTec maintains the highest quality material and installation standards to ensure that every pool meets our customers’ expectations for texture and longevity. Important steps in our process includes screening out impurities and metals seven times during manufacturing, ensuring uniform pebble size, and using top-quality, fade-resistant pigments.

Choosing Your Pool Color and Finish

While they can be a great source of inspiration, pool trends come and go. So, when deciding on the appearance and feel of your pool, make sure that you are getting something that you will enjoy for years to come. When you choose to work with PebbleTec, you enjoy many advantages: our wide range of beautiful, long-lasting colors and finishes, our commitment to working only with specially trained and authorized applicators who ensure that the job will be done right, and our excellent customer support.

With all the options available for pebble pool finishes and colors, making choices can feel overwhelming. Our expert service team is ready to help you find the best color and finish to match your vision for your swimming pool design. For inspiration that will get your creativity flowing, view our photo gallery and begin dreaming of your backyard getaway.



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