Why a Pebble Pool Remodel is the Best Upgrade for Your Backyard

Does your backyard pool need a refresh?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your pool’s appearance is less attractive than it used to be. Over time, pools show signs of aging. While the pool may still be usable, visible wear and tear reduces the enjoyment that you, your family and friends experience from spending time in it. And, if you’re not using your outdoor space, it means that you’re not maximizing your original investment.

It’s clearly time for a pool remodel, but where to begin?

There are a variety of remodel options available, but they differ significantly in terms of appearance, how long they last and how well the company stands behind their product. Remodeling with a PebbleTec pebble finish offers the best in all three areas while transforming your pool into something that you will love and feel proud of. PebbleTec can guide you through the remodeling process, from finding the right design and finish to connecting you with an experienced and authorized installer.

What is a pebble finish?

Pebble pool finishes, or “pebble pools,” are made from natural pebbles, stones and other materials that create a range of unique textured finishes. They are especially popular because of their beauty, durability and ease of maintenance.

When put head-to-head against other kinds of pool finishes, like plaster, there is no comparison in terms of aesthetics and longevity. Plaster offers a flat, monotonous appearance far different from the dynamic beauty of a pebble finish. In contrast, pebble pools offer a wide range of colors, textures and design options. And, unlike plaster finishes, pebble finishes are much less prone to discoloration and staining. In terms of durability, pool owners with plaster finishes may have to replaster every 5-8 years due to wear and tear. Pebble pools, on the other hand, can last decades with proper and consistent pool chemistry. Remodeling a pool is an investment in the quality of your outdoor experience, and it makes sense to choose what will give you the most enjoyment and pleasure, with the least hassle, in the long term.

Why PebbleTec?

Customers who aren’t familiar with our brand still ask for “pebble tec” pools because our name is synonymous with the product. This is because PebbleTec is the original manufacturer of the pebble pool finish. By choosing PebbleTec, you get the industry gold standard from the most experienced company. Other companies make pebble pool finishes, but this does not mean that they offer the same product as PebbleTec.

One of the reasons that PebbleTec remains the industry leader in pebble pool finishes is because of our dedication to quality. We carefully source the best pebbles from around the globe and then screen them seven times to ensure consistency and purity. PebbleTec also designs each finish for beauty, paying close attention to pebble color and size. Fade-resistant pigments ensure that each finish continues to deliver the same beautiful water color year after year. Because careful and professional installation is also essential for longevity, PebbleTec only works with authorized installers who have been selected for their workmanship track record and reputation. These elite installers are supported by PebbleTec’s industry-leading QA team to ensure that every new pool build or pool remodel is done right the first time. Finally, PebbleTec offers an outstanding product warranty, while our authorized installers match that with a warranty on workmanship.

When choosing an installer, it’s important to ask for the PebbleTec brand by name. If you only ask for a “pebble pool,” it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get real PebbleTec.

It’s one thing to describe the advantages of remodeling with PebbleTec, but it’s much easier to visualize. Have a look at these stunning before and after photos:

Pool Remodeling Beyond Finishes

A remodel is an opportunity to go beyond updating the pool finish alone. After all, you’re investing in transforming your space into something that you can enjoy for years to come. It’s a great chance to add custom design features that will make your pool truly unique.

PebbleTec offers a range of product lines that complement our pebble pool finishes and offer many options for customization and flexibility in remodel design. These include our luxurious, iridescent glass tile line Lightstreams and Fire + Water elements that extend beyond the pool. With these possibilities, your pool and outdoor space become a canvas for your creativity.

Learn More and Get Started with a PebbleTec Pool Remodel

Part of the fun of a remodel is imagining the beautiful and satisfying outcome. Looking through colors and design ideas is exciting! Of course, having to choose from the many available options, find a remodeler and commit to a design can feel overwhelming.

PebbleTec wants you to enjoy the entire remodeling process and reduce that feeling of overwhelm as much as possible. We take the stress out of the remodel with our 5-Step Remodeling Guide. This guide is an organized series of questions that will help you determine your priorities and preferences in a pool remodel. The advantage of using this guide is that it asks you questions that you may not have thought of, which helps ensure that you move through the remodeling process with confidence.

Learn more about pebble pool remodels by Pebble Technology International, and start your dream design with our 5-Step Remodeling Guide.

A backyard pool remodel with PebbleTec can transform your outdoor space into a place that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years. Choosing PebbleTec enables you to proceed with confidence in the entire remodel, from design to installation. We invite you to explore our website and remodeling guide and start imagining the possibilities.



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