May is Water Safety Month: How to Keep Our Kids Safe in the Pool

One of the most amazing things about Arizona is that our swimming season is longer than most places in the country.  As the weather heats up, there’s nothing better than jumping into a cool and refreshing pool!  

But in Arizona, the risk of drowning for children ages 1-4 is nearly double that of the national average.   Even one child at risk is just too many.

That’s why May is the perfect time to go over some essential tips for keeping ALL our kiddos, nationwide, safe in the pool.   

1. Get kids into swimming lessons 

2.  When it comes to equipment, there’s no safety precaution like a life jacket, which can be worn by kids from age 1 on.  Arm “Floaties” innertubes and pool noodles are NOT as effective and can even give a false sense of safety.

3. According to counsel from the Children’s Hospital, you should limit swim time with kids to sessions of less than 30 minutes—so they don’t get overly tired.

4. Always, always, ALWAYS have a “Pool Boss”, which is an appointed adult who is 100% committed to supervising the pool when kids are swimming.  

In May, spring is springing everywhere. With safety in mind, everyone in the pool!

Source:  To learn more about suggested water safety guidelines for kids, please visit Phoenix Children’s water safety program, described here:

Blog written by Kari Paulson, VP of Marketing at Pebble Technology International.




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