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Lightstreams Glass Tile
Swimming Pool Step Tile Markers

American manufactured Lightstreams Glass Tiles create lovely and unique pool tile step markers. The rich internal transparent color of our Renaissance Collection and Gold Iridescent Collection glass field tiles provide stunning as well as functional pool step markers. Lightstreams Jewel Glass Accent tiles or Shell Beach glass accent tile strands (Photos 1, 7-11) are the most exquisite glass pool tiles for step markers.

Please scroll down this page to view the many different design ideas on how to use Lightstreams Glass Tile as pool step tile in your swimming pool.

Often, clients who use Lightstreams Glass field tiles for their pool waterline, will also use the same glass tiles as pool step tiles. In Photos 2 and 3 above, Renaissance Collection Peacock Blue iridescent glass field tiles are used for the pool’s waterline tile and spillway tile. Single strands of the Renaissance Collection Peacock Blue glass tiles also edge each pool steps, with the top pool step also accented with an occasional Lightstreams 24K gold glass tile (custom tiles).

The Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, Hawaii uses the same idea as the residential pool above. Below, in photos of their Canyon Activity Pool, the resort uses hundreds of feet of single Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Peacock 2″x2″ iridescent glass pool tiles throughout the pool’s canals, waterways, steps, and swim areas to highlight the light plaster of this truly grand sized swimming pool.

Below, a residential pool that has Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Aqua glass field tiles as their waterline tile, also has single strands of the Aqua blue glass as pool tile step markers. The homeowners chose to embellish rows of Aqua glass tiLes with an occasional Jewel glass accent tile in the Aegean Sea Jewel Glass Accent Tile pattern.
Lightstreams Shell Beach glass accent tile strands are one of the most popular and unique Lightstreams glass tile products. One-foot strands of gorgeous Jewel glass tile “shells” in a wave / scalloped pattern are laid end to end on pool steps (and other pool surfaces) creating a beautiful and whimsical glass tile entryway to any swimming pool. Photo 7, below. shows Shell Beach glass accent tile strands on plastered swimming pool steps. This photo and Photo 1 at the top of this page, are of a pool by pool designer and builder NVblu of Chantilly, VA.
Below, Shell Beach glass tile strands look great on on a natural pebble plaster pool finish and provide a vivid contrast on dark pool plaster or pebble finish:
Dual Shell Beach glass accent tile strands on a lighter pool plaster provides additional sparkle on these free-form pool steps.
Lightstreams Jewel Inlays glass accent tile strands also make beautiful pool step markers. Below, a Jewel Inlay strand is bordered with Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Celadon Green glass tiles.
Below, a spa that uses glass tile medallions, each consisting of four Lightstreams Jewel Glass Accent tiles, create unique and beautiful spa seat tile markers, and spa step tile markers. A checkerboard pattern consisting of two Jewel glass accent tile patterns, Mystic Spring and Galaxy Blue are simple yet stunning.
As with the spa above, the photos below show a very simple use of Lightstreams Jewel Glass Accent tiles is as individual pool tile step markers. In this light plastered pool, Aegean Sea 2″x2″ Jewel glass accent tiles are spaced intermittently in a diamond pattern on pool steps, resulting in beautifully functional and visually unique pool step tile markers.
Upscale projects often select 90 degree bent glass tile trim in our Jewel Glass Accent Tile patterns. In this private residence pool in Hawaii, Red River 90 degree bent Jewel glass tile trim pieces edge the pool steps, with occasional Aegean Sea (blue) Jewel glass tile trim pieces placed intermittently as accents.
Even though the pool below is completely tiled in Renaissance Collecton Royal Blue glass tile, the design of four Aegean Sea Jewel Glass Accent tiles on the corner of each pool step could easily be recreated on a plastered pool finish and would be as functional and as stunning.
A residential pool that uses a random blend of Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Intense Blue and Root Beer iridescent glass tiles on the waterline, also uses individual tiles of both colors placed like diamonds as pool step markers.

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Please note that water color and finish samples shown may differ from actual results due to environmental variations in time of day, season, shade, lighting and the inherent variation found in stone products and other factors.