Lightstreams Photo Gallery 32

Renaissance Collection Peacock Blue Iridescent Glass Swimming Pool & Spa Tile with Spillway & Fire Pit tile Accents.

Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Peacock Blue iridescent glass tile is the waterline and spa tile in this gorgeous Southern California swimming pool, as well as the finish tile to the outdoor fire pit.  The rainbow iridescent sides of the glass tiles provide lovely colorful highlights depending on lighting and viewing angles.  The iridescent highlights are especially visible on the horizontal spa to pool spillway and top of the fire pit.

Project Location – Southern California

Field Tile – Renaissance Collection Peacock

Pool Builder – Don Early of Family Pools

Photography by – Homeowner

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Please note that water color and finish samples shown may differ from actual results due to environmental variations in time of day, season, shade, lighting and the inherent variation found in stone products and other factors.