The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes

Sourced from all over the world, our pebbles are carefully selected and screened to ensure the highest quality installed in every pool.

The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes

We design our aggregate finishes for maximum beauty and durability, combining our premium stone with fade-resistant pigments and strengthening agents. Some of our finishes are even enhanced with our patented “Shimmering Sea” blend of abalone and mother-of pearl shell as well as exquisite glass beads--to provide extra water sparkle.

Find the Pool Finish Texture and Water Color that fits your vision

When it comes to choosing a finish texture and water color for a pool, we know that everyone has their own ideal in mind. That’s why we offer a wide variety of choices.

Finish Textures

Choose among an array of textures for your pool finish, ranging from natural to refined to ultra-smooth. No matter your choice, ALL our finishes are comfortable to the touch, and easy on feet and hands.

textured finish

textured finish

an elegant
infused finish

textured finish

an enduring
smooth finish

polished finish

diagram of pebble texture from largest to smallest

This ORIGINAL pool finish provides a beautifully natural feel, featuring aggregate made of the largest stones in our line. While still comfortable to the touch for hands and feet, it’s the perfect choice for those desiring a natural environment for their pool and spa.

diagram of pebble texture from largest to smallest

Our most popular pool finish features a blend of slightly smaller pebbles for a more refined texture, while still retaining the natural beauty and inherent qualities of our PebbleTec® pool finish.

diagram of pebble texture from largest to smallest

A blend of vibrant glass beads and natural stone aggregate. The stunning beauty of the glass beads creates pool finishes with an infusion of color delivering a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color.

diagram of pebble texture from largest to smallest

This new finish delivers a refined texture, with extra bling. In this new premium finish, we offer our most popular texture, enhancing it with fine glass beads for extra water color radiance and sparkle.

diagram of pebble texture from largest to smallest

Made from our smallest natural pebbles, PebbleFina® delivers the smoothest aggregate finish available. The pool finishes that comes from this exclusive product line is enriched with additives that provide superior strength and long-lasting durability over a traditional pool replaster.

diagram of pebble texture from largest to smallest

Our smoothest finish is buff-polished for maximum comfort—with added sparkle. This velvety new finish offers our very smoothest surface—for maximum pool comfort. Vibrant glass beads create captivating colors with an infusion of sparkle.

Premium Comfort & Durability

"I only use PebbleTec pool finishes because of their amazing product consistency. During application, it is so much easier to work with than other aggregate alternatives, and the finishes really last over time."

- Clay Hauk, Hauk Custom Pools, Dallas TX

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