Lightstreams Photo Gallery 6

This striking Las Vegas swimming pool uses American made Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Dark Silver iridescent glasstiles as spa tile and as pool spillway tile. The Dark Silver (grey / gray) glass spa tile is embellished with Lightstreams High Noon Jewel Glass Accent Tiles. The dark pebbled-plastered pool steps are highlighted with Lightstreams Shell Beach Glass Accent Tile strands.

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Lightstreams Photo Gallery 3

American manufactured Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Peacock blue iridescent glass pool tiles, embellished with Lightstreams Red River Jewel glass and 24K gold glass tiles, are used as waterline tile and spa tile. The pool steps are edged in custom size Lightstreams Peacock blue glass tiles and 24K gold glass tiles. Lightstreams Glass Tile designer, David Knox, created the small Jewel glasstile design for the top pool step.

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